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The Global Flex Report 2024

The Global Flex Report 2024 charts the impact of short and medium-term renting upon the investment and operating strategies underpinning the global apartment industry.

We surveyed 46 multifamily, student accommodation and co-living institutions across Europe and the US, with a total of 1,339,068 apartment units represented.

Download now to discover:

  • The pace at which apartment portfolios are embracing Flex
  • Key drivers and barriers to adoption
  • How Flex is shaping corporate strategy
  • How Flex is impacting digital strategy and technology requirements
  • Case studies

As rental demand and accommodation preferences continue to evolve rapidly post-pandemic and with technology increasingly shaping the future of the built world, we’re pleased to launch The Global Flex Report 2024.


Key insights:


The Global Flex Report 2024 sets out to inform residential investors, operators, analysts, journalists and policy makers as they seek to understand and track the impact of Flex upon the living sector.

Short and medium-term rental activity

Flex adoption is accelerating in multifamily. 23% of multifamily units surveyed increased their short/medium-term rental activity in 2023, with 92% expecting to increase activity in 2024. By contrast, the student accommodation sector shows signs of maturity. Download the report for a full analysis by industry segment.

Impact upon Net Operating Income

88% of student accommodation units surveyed acknowledged some level of NOI contribution from short/medium-term rentals in 2023, with 22% stating that it already contributed >20% of NOI. Meanwhile, NOI contribution within the multifamily sector looks set to rapidly increase. Download the report for a full analysis by industry segment.

Industry perception

What are the key drivers of Flex adoption? What % of units would operators ideally like to rent out on a short or medium-term basis? Is offering renters greater flexibility and choice essential to maximising the performance of an asset? Discover all this and more inside The Global Flex Report 2024.    

Future outlook

What are the major barriers to adoption, and what are the key drivers of company strategy? Will the development of Flex buildings accelerate over the next 12 months? Download the report for a full analysis by industry segment.

What is Flex?


Flexible living is key to engaging today’s renter, resulting in higher occupancy, incremental revenues, and enhanced asset utilisation. More than just a trend, flexible living reflects the changing real estate market.

"Flex' is a term increasingly used within residential real estate, and generally applied to institutionally-owned apartment buildings. It's a by-word for building optimisation - referring both to an evolving operating model and strategy geared towards maximising net operating income ("flex operations") as well as to an emerging asset class professing to outperform alternative living assets ("flex buildings"). 

01. Flexibility of Use
  • Multifamily
  • Service apartment
  • Co-living
  • Student
02. Flexibility of Leasing
  • Long-term
  • Mid-term
  • Short-term
03. Flexibility of Product & Experience
  • Personalised digital journey
  • Rent by: day/week/month/year
  • Furnished/Unfurnished
  • Location within building
  • Amenities, etc

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